Not for Profit and Development Sector

Usman & Asif  Associates  has  extensive  experience  in  relation  to  regulatory  advising  and  compliance   for   several   INGOs   and   NGOs.
Our work ranged from the actual incorporation of charitable, waqf and NGO entities followed by continuously advising them in relation to their specific roles. This included also  defining  their  scope  of  work  and  perimeters  under  the  law  and  bringing  them  in  conformity  with  the requirements and regulations of various international donors and organizations.

Our experience also includes coordinating a number of different interest groups within complex legal actions. Our law  firm’s  foreign  qualified team is committed to providing excellent and cost-effective legal services to  Trusts, INGOs,  NGOs,  Societies,  Welfare  Agencies  and  Waqfs, with particular sensitivity to the financial pressures that these groups may face.

We provide expertise in all the following areas:
• Creation and registration of new charities, NGOs and INGOs
• Charitable governance
• Grant and funding agreements
• Regulatory work, including those related to counter terrorism
• Campaigning and its legal effects by charities
• Management of Assets; Acquisition and disposal of Assets
• Charities operating outside Pakistan

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