Startups and Entrepreneurs

Usman & Asif Associates takes pride in helping more than hundred startups and entrepreneurs not only in incorporation and establishment of business but also in post incorporation and regulatory compliances.

Usman & Asif  Associates  is  a  law  firm  based  in  Pakistan  that serves high quality full length legal services  in  corporate, commercial  and financial sector, currently practicing  in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Abbottabad  and  Karachi. Our long history  as  a corporate  and  commercial  law  firm  means we are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges wherever they are.

Since its inception, Usman & Asif Associates  has  set  out  towering  standards and objectives in delivering the unsurpassed services which is evident from the satisfaction  of our esteemed clients, consequentially boosting our esteem  and  performance. In  these  times  Usman & Asif Associates has been able to grow into a highly competent and competitive law firm  in  Pakistan within  a  short  span  of  time. Now Usman & Asif Associates has honor to be one of Pakistan’s leading Corporate and Commercial law firm. It brings together  a  team  of  foreign  qualified and experienced legal professionals with expertise  in  various jurisdictions within Pakistan, regionally  and  internationally working collectively to  deliver constructive outcomes  and  solutions  for  its  clients. Usman & Asif  Associates offers internationally standardized  legal  services, combination of local expertise through modern approach to assist  our  clients  with  the  commercial  and  legal practicalities  of  business  in Pakistan. Usman & Asif Associates takes pride in developing long term working relationships with the clients enabling us  to  understand their business objectives and their particular and distinct concerns and needs with sheer commitment. We view ourselves not just  as  lawyers, but as business consultants and advisers in assisting our clients to achieve their corporate and commercial goals.

Usman & Asif Associates Advocates and Legal Consultants has extensive background  in  helping entrepreneurs, startups  and  investors  and streamlining  their  passion, vision and dreams  by  forming Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships  and  Firms. Our foreign qualified team consisting of lawyers and legal consultants will educate you in incorporating the legal entities that’s best for you. Usman & Asif Associates is the best law firm where you can also learn that how to operate your new legal entity throughout the full lifecycle  of  the  startup.

Our foreign qualified lawyers, attorneys and legal  consultants  understand  the  cash  constraints  that  startups  and  entrepreneurs  face  and therefore, offer a flexible fee arrangement and in this regard, our law firm offers FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION to startups and entrepreneurs in the most effective and efficient manner with the quickest and business friendly answers.

At Usman & Asif AssociatesAdvocates and Legal Consultants, a panel of foreign qualified lawyers can help Startups and Entrepreneurs in the areas including but not limited to:

  • Business formation and structure
  • Intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other strategic transactions including venture capital and seed-stage investment
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