Corporate, Business and Commercial Laws

Corporate,  Business  and  Commercial   laws   form   part   of   our   core   practice. Our   philosophy   is   to   provide   cost   predictability   and outstanding  service,  whatever  work  related  to  corporate,  business  and  commercial  laws,   we   do   for   you.
Usman & Asif  Associates  frequently advises boards of directors and executive management in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties towards their companies, their creditors and shareholders, and the regulatory agencies.

Our law firm’s expertise  is  complemented by our deep sector knowledge which enables us to deliver corporate and business advice set in the context  of  your  industry  and  better  tailored  to  your  business. The  substantial  experience  of  our  firm  covers  all  transactional work and regulatory matters for both Pakistan based companies whether existing in Pakistan or abroad and foreign corporations and  the  issues  faced by their businesses during operation.

Our law firm’s foreign qualified team  is  representing and litigating on behalf of our clients in  a diverse range of industry sectors, including but not limited to financial, life sciences, pharmaceutical, technology, media, telecommunications, shipping, construction and retail. We have an  in depth experience and are generally involved  in  all  aspects  of   a  transaction  including  the  deal   structuring,  the   preparation   of   relevant agreements  and  documentation  along  with  regulatory  and  statutory  compliance. Our  focus is always on delivering advice to you which is practical and commercial without sacrificing accuracy.

We provide advisory and litigation services in all the following areas:
• Incorporation of companies; Regulatory advising and compliance under securities and exchange laws and regulations
• Registration of Partnership Firms; Regulatory advising and compliance under Partnership laws
• Regulatory advising and compliance of Sole Proprietorship
• Corporate liabilities; Contractual rights and liabilities; Directorship disputes; Shareholders disputes
• Mergers and acquisitions; Corporate joint ventures, consortiums structuring and restructuring
• Contract preparation, formulation, negotiation and interpretation advisory
• Collaboration agreements; Shareholders agreements
• Antitrust and competition law related matters; Consumer Protection
• Domestic and global transaction and investment
• Winding up; Liquidation; Dissolution; Rendition of Accounts; Bankruptcy
• Corporate crime
• Corporate and Business immigration laws.

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